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classictibia.net - new server coming soon!
Tue, 10 Oct 2017

The server is going to launch on 22.10.2017 16:00 (CEST)

After many months of hard work, we have the honor to show you ClassicTibia.net!
We tried to accurately reflect the climate of the old days, from version 7.72. And we dare say that we succeeded in achieving 100%!
Classictibia is a map of Rl Tibia many years ago.
We offer players the opportunity to "step back in time" and spend a lot of hours with us.

We have all quests that work 100%.
Additionally - in the future we plan to expand them.
However, any updates we intend to discuss with the players beforehand through surveys.
All the money earned through the server store will be used to maintain a high quality dedicated server and to continually advertise the server.

Server information

HOST: classictibia.net
Client: 7.72 (download)
Port: 7171
Exp: stage
Skill: x4
Magic: x2
Loot: x1
Spawn: x1

Frag system - 3/day, 5/week, 10/month to recieve a red skull.
Command: !online, !frags, !shop, !buyhouse, !sellhouse


We operate on a very powerful dedicated server that will accommodate thousands of online players at the same time.
We have protection against DDOS attacks as well as anti-kick protection. You will not see any lag or freeze.

Technical Support

E-mail: mateo54675@gmail.com

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